Three-column high-speed punch | Connector molding solution

Three-column high-speed punch | Connector molding solution

Mar 24, 2023

The customer’s business scope includes research and development of electronic products and electronic equipment; research, manufacturing, processing, wholesale, retail, and online sales of hardware stampings.


The main products are relay accessories, various connectors, terminals, relay sockets, and other related accessories. However, different types of appliances require different accessories, and the quality and practicality of each accessory are important when using them. To address the characteristics and production difficulties of various appliances, the customer has introduced the GS Three-column High-speed Punch, which greatly improves the quality and performance of accessories, making Goanwin's an important partner.


The GS series is widely used in small hardware, USB interfaces, HDMI connectors, terminals, plug pins, art knife blades, and more.



GS Series Three-column High-speed Punch

• Adopting integrated high-strength cast structure with stress relief treatment to ensure long-term accuracy.

• Three-column slide structure with alloy steel bushing and forced lubrication, minimizing thermal deformation and achieving high precision.

• Dynamic balancing system to balance the vibration generated by the high-speed operation of the crankshaft and slide, ensuring stable dead point control.

• Equipped with a reliable clutch device, dual-solenoid valve, and overload protection device for safe operation during production, including normal operation and emergency stop, ensuring personnel safety.


For different customers, GS will provide different equipment solutions. In the future, GS will continuously explore and break through traditional forming technologies, expand product fields, accelerate the research and development of new technologies, and create more value for customers. GS aims to grow together with customers and achieve win-win outcomes.