Successful Case | Automotive Seat Slide Rail

Successful Case | Automotive Seat Slide Rail

Oct 23, 2023

The customer is a Zhejiang-based company specializing in the production of automotive seats, seat slide rails, and related products. They primarily provide supporting services to Geely Automobile and several other renowned automotive manufacturing companies.


The slide rail is an important mechanical component on the seat and is commonly installed underneath it to facilitate adjustments in position, both horizontally and vertically. Automotive seat slide rails are part of the field of vehicle accessory technology. Typically, this mechanism consists of upper and lower rails, a locking mechanism (manual), an adjustment mechanism (electric), ball bearings, roller bearings, and roller bearing retainers, among other components.



The customer has implemented a lean production model in their management, continuously focusing on on-site improvement and waste reduction to create low-cost and high-quality products. After careful consideration, they decided to introduce the GOANWIN C1N-260 general-purpose precision punch, and successfully completed the first phase of work with noticeable results.


GOANWIN will also “keep pace with the times”, collaborate with production enterprises and friends from all walks of life, deepen lean production, strengthen technological innovation, continuously explore new markets, and strive to achieve sustained and rapid development. This is our direction and goal for progress and continuous growth. We will continuously adapt to market demand changes, provide high-quality products and services, and grow and develop together with our customers.