Success Case | Wind Turbine Rotor

Success Case | Wind Turbine Rotor

Aug 29, 2023

In recent years, the stamping industry has consistently adhered to the goal of correct and high-quality development. In terms of technology, there is a focus on the development of precise, green, lightweight, and cost-effective production techniques. Lean production, lean management, lean processes, and lean equipment are increasingly being emphasized.


Wind power generation refers to the method of directly converting wind energy into electrical energy using wind turbine generators. The working principle of a wind turbine generator is to convert wind energy into mechanical power. The mechanical power drives the rotor to rotate, and the rotational speed is increased through a speed increaser, thus enabling the generator to generate electricity.


Our customer primarily produces wind turbine rotors, which play a crucial role in wind turbine generators. To improve product quality and production efficiency, the customer introduced Goanwin closed single crank high-rigidity precision press. This established an integrated industrial chain and efficiently achieved their objectives.



Goanwin will continue to provide more efficient solutions and high-end precision presses with fully autonomous intellectual property rights, promoting continuous improvement and increased productivity for our customers.