Goanwin High Speed Punching Machine Helps "Motor Manufacturing Industry"

Goanwin High Speed Punching Machine Helps "Motor Manufacturing Industry"

Mar 09, 2023

The customer is an electric motor rotor iron core production company, covering an area of 10,000 square meters with a building area of 15,000 square meters. In 2020, they established a subsidiary in Haimen and regard product quality as the lifeblood of the company. They specifically purchased the Goanwin's gantry type six-column high-speed precision punch and high-quality molds made in Japan to improve product quality.


Currently, multiple Goanwin high-speed punches have been installed to closely cooperate with them to meet their production needs for spare parts and improve the performance and quality of their products.


The stable performance of the Goanwin punches has also strengthened their confidence in long-term cooperation. At the same time, this collaboration also signifies the recognition of Goanwin’s strength and technology by them.



The fixed part in the motor is called the stator, on which pairs of stationary main magnetic poles with DC excitation are installed. The rotating part (rotor) is called the armature iron core, on which the armature windings need to be installed. When energized, it generates induced electromotive force and acts as a rotating magnetic field to generate electromagnetic torque for energy conversion.


The motor core is made of silicon steel sheets, which used to be called silicon steel sheets. This material has good magnetic permeability but poor electrical conductivity. The motor generates magnetic force through coil winding and operates based on this magnetic force. However, due to the alternating magnetic field generating current in the iron core, if the iron core has strong electrical conductivity, it is equivalent to a closed short-circuit circuit and will generate heat, known as eddy currents. This is the same principle as the electromagnetic induction cooktop heating the bottom of a pot through an electromagnetic field. Therefore, in order to suppress these eddy currents, silicon steel materials with poor electrical conductivity are used, and the silicon steel sheets are used piece by piece instead of a solid core.


The delivery of the machine is no longer the end but the starting point of the service. In the future, with the continuous introduction of new technologies and comprehensive solutions, Goanwin is expected to become the provider of the best cost-effective solution.