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GT Knuckle Joint High Speed Press

  • GT30-80T

  • goanwin

-Realization of High Precision Machining
-Realization of Low Noise
-Implementation of Convenient Operation
-The change of mode height is small, the deviation of kinetic energy center is small
-Mould life greatly increased
-Minimum Deformation in Stamping
-Low cutting noise
-Low integrated clearance
-Servo motor modulating to improve the modulating convenience
Capacity Ton  30 40 60 80
Stroke length mm 20/25/32 16/20/25/30 20/25/32 20/25/32/36
Stroke per minute s.p.m 1200/1050/900 1200/1100/1000/950 750/650/600 700/600/550/500
Minimum number of trips s.p.m 180 180 180 180
Die height mm 240 240 300 320
Slide Adjustment mm 40 50 80 80
Slide area mm 600X300 750x340 1030x500 1080x580
Bolster area mm 600X400 750x500 1100x600 1200x800
Bolster thickness mm 90 120 140 160
Main motor kw 11 15 22 30
JIS accuracy
特级 特级 特级 特级
Gross weight kg 约6500 约8000 约14000 约19000

Standard accessoriesOptional accessories
Inverter+Variable apeed moter
Combination type air friction clutch/brake
Dynamic balancer(weight fixed type)
Electronic rotary cam switch
Stop position control unit
Electronic crank angle indicator
Human machine interface Air ejector(with solenoid valve)
Speed meter Materials oiled wheel
Total counter(9-digit) Flywheel brake
Preset counter(9-digit) Stock holding cylinder
Closed mold height display device Bottom dead point detector
Hour meter(7-digit) Safety door(Pneumatic)
Servo Slide Adjustment device Misfeed detection unit
Misfeed interface(With sweitching function) Cutting detection unit
Over-tension stop outlet 1pc Gripper cam feeder
220V outlet(10A)1 pc Stock guide
380V outlet(10A)1 pc Quick die change system and accessory equipments
Micro inching(reverse avaliable)
Criculation type lubrication unit
Pneumatic control unit
Air outlet(1/4B)
Stock oil tank(with solenoid valve)
Safety door(Manual)
Stock end stop switch(proximity)
Working light
Motor reverse device
All stop circuit
Selfstand type poeration box
Both hands push buttons
Shock absorber
Oil heater/cooler

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