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GHD Straight Side High Speed press

  • GHD
·Lathe bed high strength cast lron,highprecision gantry structure of an organic whole,to prevent the load time of the opening  question,realized the high precision products processing.
·Biaxial center guide,four guide,four guide pin length orientation all the way,so even eccentric load can keep excellent precision  stamping,extend the life of the punch.
·The forced lubrication and all oil cooling machine oil supply system to minimize the thermal deformation.high precision products  processing can be performed.
·Excellent dynamic balance device to redece vibration make the punch with the best accuracy and stability.

Model  GHD-30  GHD-45  GHD-65
Capacity Ton  30  45  65
Stroke length mm  20 25 30 40  20 25 30 40  20 30 40 50
Stroke per minute s.p.m  200-1000 200-900 200-800 200-600  200-900 200-800 200-700 200-600  200-800 200-600 200-500 200-400
Die height  mm  195-235 192-232 190-230 185-225  230-280 227-277 225-275 220-270  275-325 270-320 265-315 260-310
Slide area mm  620x340  750x380  900x450
Bolster area mm  650x470x110  800x550x120  950x700x135
Slide Adjustment mm  40  50  50
Bed opening mm  500x100  650x120  650x125
Motor KW  7.5  11  18.5
Lubrication     强制润滑+机油冷却机
Speed control      Inveter
Clutch&Brake      Air&Friction
Auto top stop      Standard
Vibration System      Option 

Standard accessories

Optional accessories

Die height indicator

Anti-vibration amounts

Manual slide adjustment device

Misssfeed Detection Device

Circulated lubrication system


Program logical controller


Slide and die dynamic balance device


Touch pad

Dynamic balance device

Mechanical crank angle indicator

Material lubrication device

Air outlet

B.Q.C Detector

Air ejector


Tool box


User Manual


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